Please see the Benefits at a Glance page in your enrollment packet for your Network Contact Information. Do not contact the Networks listed for questions regarding your medical benefits. All medical benefit questions should be directed to the Medical StaffCARE Member Services line at

  • Stretch Your Benefit Dollars

    This benefit plan offers you and your family savings for medical care through discounts negotiated with providers and facilities in the First Health Network. Choosing an in-network provider helps maximize benefits. When you use an in-network provider, you will automatically receive the network discount and the doctor’s office will file the claim for you. If you use a doctor who is not part of the network, you will not receive the discount and you may need to file the claim yourself.

  • How Do I Locate a Doctor?

    Enrolled members are encouraged to visit providers in the networks listed in order to maximize their benefit dollars. To find a participating provider or verify your current medical provider is in-network, please call or visit the network websites referenced in your enrollment packet.

  • Prescription Drug Network

    If enrolled in the Fixed Indemnity Medical Plan, you are automatically covered by the discount prescription drug program through the Caremark Pharmacy Network. Caremark has a national network with over 58,000 participating pharmacies. To find a local participating Caremark pharmacy, you can visit Prescription drug benefit information can be found on the Benefits at a Glance page.

  • What if I need to have a prescription filled?

    For generic and brand prescriptions, present your ID card at a participating pharmacy to receive discounts. Generic and brand prescriptions are payable based on the schedule of benefits up to the annual prescription drug maximum. Prescription drug coverage is not provided for drugs administered during a physician office visit or hospital stay.

  • Do I have to go to an in-network provider?

    It is not required that you go to an in-network provider. If you choose a provider who participates in the PPO network, you receive two key advantages:

    • PPO discount for all services.
    • The provider will file the claim to the plan.

  • When should I expect an ID card?

    ID cards will be mailed as soon as your enrollment form is received and processed. You should receive your ID card within 10 business days of your effective date.

  • Member ID Cards

    An ID card and confirmation of coverage letter will be mailed to your home address. If you do not receive these documents within 10 business days of your effective date, or have a change of address, please contact Medical StaffCARE Customer Service at 1-866-798-0803. Present your ID card to the provider at the time of service. These ID cards are used for identification purposes and providers use them to verify eligibility status.

Medical StaffCARE Customer Service Toll-Free Number for Enrolled Members, Employees, and Providers:1-866-798-0803

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