Medical StaffCARE expands Bronze level offerings

Medical StaffCARE entered 2015 with every single Medical StaffCARE client able to offer a fully ACA-compliant insurance and benefit solution to their employees – all 1,500 MSC groups were able to reassure their customers that they were with a responsible staffing firm with fully ACA-compliant insurance solutions. 

Today, as we enter the critical decision period for 2016 planning, crafting regulatory compliant and sustainable solutions for use by MSC clients is still our number one task. The private health insurance market continues to assess, evolve, and react to the dramatic changes brought on by the ACA and unexpected Government rulings. 

MSC continues our close scrutiny of all these market forces and players. As carriers, consultants, brokers, advisors and other “experts” in benefits try new tactics to stay relevant, we thoroughly vet and evaluate each and every one using our experience and rigorous analytical tools to gauge utility, value and safety for our clients.

In an attempt to help you finalize your direction and decision, we have outlined key points of information for you to consider. These points include current MSC products available to the staffing industry and evolving trends in ACA strategy by national firms.

Medical StaffCARE Expands Bronze Plan Offerings

MSC’s major medical plan options now include fully insured, fully compliant Bronze level plans underwritten by the largest and most financially sound carriers in the business. BCS, Anthem Blue Cross, United Healthcare and Aetna are all available to you as an MSC client. 

These large major medical underwriters have reviewed MSC’s Staffing Specific Administrative Platform, including our proven implementation and enrollment processes. They understand Medical StaffCARE’s leadership position in the Staffing Industry, and have agreed to process fully insured major medical quotes specifically for MSC clients.

MSC can now quote a fully insured bronze level plan in all states including New York, New Jersey and California.

These providers have been assembled purposefully to serve the varied needs of our national client base. Each is a specialist in a regional or state venue, with a few so powerful as to reach all 50 states. Combined, they provide a comprehensive menu of quality offerings for our clients.

No single carrier or product fits every staffing firm’s situation, and no other agency or consultant provides such a wide range of solutions from such a varied and quality group of underwriters.

Now is the time to submit your company’s census to receive a MSC quote! The deadline to establish a practical implementation timeline for Jan. 1 is rapidly approaching!  For more details, call 855.249.1680 or email us now.

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